Muriel Bowser brings a pragmatic, hands-on approach to leadership, legislation, oversight, and policy‐making in the District of Columbia. A fifth-generation Washingtonian, she was first elected Ward 4 Councilmember in a special election in 2007, re-elected in 2008, and again in 2012. Each time, voters endorsed Muriel’s ambitious agenda focused on an open and ethical government, rebuilding quality neighborhoods, and transforming our schools and commercial corridors. On April 1, 2014, Muriel was elected to be the Democratic Nominee for Mayor of the District of Columbia.

During Councilmember Bowser’s tenure, Ward 4’s population has grown, quality school choices and public spaces have increased, and hundreds of units of housing have been created. Dozens of new stores, restaurants, and small businesses have opened and violent crime has plummeted.

Muriel’s tireless efforts previously won her the endorsement of the Washington Post editorial board, which wrote: “Smart, hardworking and independent-minded, Ms. Bowser has shown herself to be an effective advocate for the interests of her demanding ward and a leading voice for education reform and good government.”

Councilmember Bowser, a native Washingtonian, earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Chatham College and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from American University. Muriel began her service in DC elective office as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for her Riggs Park neighborhood, and continues to be an active member of Lamond Riggs Citizens Association.