A fifth generation Washingtonian and native of Ward 5s North Michigan Park, Muriel Bowser is the elected Councilmember for Ward 4, a position in which she has served with distinction and has a record to prove it. Learn more about Muriel.

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Working for Ward 4

During Muriels service on the Council, she has demonstrated leadership with a track record of promises kept. She reclaimed the best part of the old Walter Reed campus for DC, set out to secure more senior housing for Ward 4 and delivered with Vida Senior Residences. Councilmember Bowser has served her growing Ward by facilitating the creation of hundreds of housing units at a variety of price points. She worked with owners and developers to help open dozens of new stores, restaurants and small businesses, and she delivered public space and safety improvements in all corners of Ward 4. These are investments that proved beneficial to Ward 4 and would serve any Ward in the District well.

Through her leadership, Ward 4 has benefited from increased investment in public amenities, including a total transformation of two out of the three public library branches (Takoma and Petworth), renovated recreation centers at Riggs, LaSalle and Raymond, and new parks and ballfields at Shepherd Park, LaSalle, Fort Stevens, Takoma, Hamilton, and Emery. Muriel Bowser also guaranteed phased school improvements throughout Ward 4.

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Council Leadership and Oversight

Councilmember Bowser currently chairs the Councils Committee on Economic Development a role in which she has oversight of the Districts economic development portfolio, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, affordable housing across Washington, DC, and combined operating and capital budgets in excess of $1.6 Billion. In this capacity, Muriel conducted the first ever oversight hearings with respect to the New Communities Initiative affordable housing program. She also passed legislation requiring executive agencies to submit detailed progress reports on the New Communities Initiative.

As Economic Development Chair, Muriel created the Walter Reed Community Advisory Committee to ensure that the community has a voice during the redevelopment process. Muriels leadership was evident across the District during her prior Chairmanships of the Committee on Government Operations (landmark ethics reform), the Committee on Parks and Recreation (created the ability to have Friends Of groups as fundraisers for park programs), and the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs (anti-predatory lending legislation caps pawnshops interest rates).

Muriel serves as a member and chair of the Transportation Planning Board of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and is a member of the Board of Directors of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro). In these capacities she has delved into the transportation issues facing our entire region, and fought for free bus rides for schoolchildren, efforts against sexual harassment and bullying in transit areas. She also delivered on her promise for express bus routes and service improvements.

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Legislative Record

Muriel Bowsers legislative record is strong. From the very first bill she co-introduced, on the Free Clinic Assistance Program, she demonstrated her concern for all District residents by ensuring that those providing medical care to our neediest neighbors would have access to liability coverage.

In 2011 Muriel authored and guided into law several comprehensive ethics reform bills with far reaching effects. Her diligence created the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, consolidated ethics laws into a single code of conduct, and ensured all City Council and other government meetings are required to be open to the public.

In 2013, Muriel created Kids Ride Free, legislation allowing all DC students free bus rides to school in order to remove an all-too-common barrier to attendance. Muriel was able to shepherd this program from idea to reality in just a few months.

Muriel tackled the foreclosure crisis with the Saving DC Homes from Foreclosure Act. She also authored our blight tax to discourage owners from burdening neighborhoods with abandoned properties.

Alice Deal Middle School is Washington, DCs largest and best middle school. Muriel Bowser introduced “Alice Deal for All” to replicate successful middle school programs citywide, and give each child a chance at an excellent education closer to home. She also co-sponsored anti-bullying legislation to establish a task force and implement policies at the District’s youth-focused facilities, including schools, libraries, and recreation centers.

Muriel co-introduced a bill to eliminate homelessness for LGBTQ Youth.

Councilmember Bowser introduced legislation to professionalize the procurement of large scale Public-Private Partnership projects, to better position the District when bidding on such developments. She also secured Raze and Community Notification requirements that raze applications be publicly posted at least 30 days in advance of demolition, so affected property owners are not caught unaware.

Muriel introduced legislation that expanded the area eligible for the Great Streets Program citywide, and introduced Reasonable Health Insurance Ratemaking and Reform.

Councilmember Bowser is justifiably proud of her votes in favor or marriage equality, school reform, tougher gun laws, paid sick leave, and a living wage.

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Higher Quality Education

Muriel helped the Takoma Education Campus to emerge from a devastating fire with a renovated building, a committed principal, and neighborhood support. Instead of only emergency repairs, Councilmember Bowser fought for a complete renovation of the 30 year old open-plan building.

Muriel also secured full funding for the total renovation of Coolidge and Roosevelt High Schools. Dismayed at the slow pace of renovations in Ward 4, she fought for the two Ward 4 DCPS high schools to get long-needed upgrades.

Muriel Bowser ensured that Ward 4’s former DCPS buildings be used to continue to educate children, and welcomed quality charter schools to their permanent homes. She also supports requiring that charter schools serve neighborhood children through preferential admissions for their nearby neighbors.

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Stronger Public Safety

Muriel called for and delivered new lighting at Sherman Circle NW following the murder of a Catholic University student there.

She also called for and delivered the District’s first pedestrian-activated traffic signal to increase pedestrian safety on Georgia Avenue NW.

Muriel organized a public hearing regarding bus safety, which convinced WMATA not to cut service in Ward 8.

She secured additional funding for citywide collaboratives and other neighborhood-based crime prevention programs, as well as a bill to stop sexual harassment on Metro.

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Caring for Senior Citizens

Muriel authored legislation to help fund exercise and health programs for seniors, the first of which is the YMCAs Fit Well Seniors.

In addition to their physical well-being, Muriel has helped ensure senior citizens have the right to age-in-place through property tax relief and deductions. Muriel believes strongly that long-term residents should be allowed to stay in their homes, if they should wish to do so. Muriel also created the Modernization Grant Fund which provides up to $20,000 to help make accommodations to older residences.

Increased the budget of the Office on Aging by $395,000 to hire social workers to support an additional 2,000 seniors.

She led the charge for the Grandparents Subsidy Expansion, which helps support grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

Muriel increased funding for programs that offer wheelchair-accessible rides to and from Senior Wellness Centers.

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Muriels accomplishments include:

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